After we spend all this time and energy creating the perfect renovation or custom home for your family, the next question is undoubtedly: 

"Who should we have build it?"

That's where my partner - in business and life - comes in...

Hanson Architecture partners with Hanson Design Build to bring our client's visions to life. 

About Hanson Design Build

Hanson Design Build believes that quality is the only end goal to have in this business.

Quality of construction
Quality of overall experience

The ultimate end goal is to provide a house that you and your family love and can thrive in. HDB believes in taking the time to do things right and to high quality. After all, a few months of inconvenience during construction is worth a lifetime of experiences in a high quality home built just for you and your family. 

With experience in construction from dirt work preparation in order to pour the foundation all the way down to the final finishing touches of your project, Jed loves making the things his clients imagine a reality. 

Jed Hanson

Owner & Contractor

Hanson Design Build was founded by Jed Hanson in 2020.

Born and raised in Southwestern Colorado, Jed studying biology at Fort Lewis College specializing in entomology & ornithology.

He has 10+ years experience in construction, welding, excavation, finish dirt work, and carpentry. He previously taught welding & wood shop at Mancos High School.

Jed's Must Haves



Family is the most important part of my life. I love working with my wife Heather, designing & building homes.  



Born & raised in the mountains, I can't imagine living life anywhere else. 



Hunting is where I can be at peace with nature and there's really nothing like it. 



I would eat ramen noodles every day if I could!


a Project

I hate sitting still. If my wife, Heather, doesn't have a project for me, I'll find one myself. 



Getting a new tool is one of the most exciting things. It's incredible what you can accomplish with the right tool.